Meet the Team

Ruganzu Bruno

Organizer TEDxKampala

A multi-media artist known predominantly for his work of intercepting the waste stream and recycled playgrounds. As an eco-artist from Uganda, he is committed to creating environments which support healthy childhoods. He is transforming space, waste and environment by creating playground elements around the world utilizing salvaged waste.
Trained as a painter and sculptor, Ruganzu is the founding curator of TedXKampala, the winner of the the first City 2.0 Award in 2012 and a lecturer in the department of Art&Design at Kyambogo University. He also is the recipient 2011 Young Achievers Award (Art, Fashion and Culture) winner, 2011 Planet Women Photography Competition(Uganda) winner, Rio+20 Plasticity International competition (Capturing Gold category) award 2012 among others.

Esther Patricia Akello

Co-Organizer TEDxKampala

Esther Patricia Akello is a passionate developer, Entrepreneur and technologist who savours working with women and girls in technology; she is also passionate about providing good leadership in an IT environment and developing solutions that solve social Economic Problems. She is a social media enthusiast,a member of the Internet Society - Uganda and is part of a network of African Women in Technology. Esther has mentored young girls who are interested in pursuing careers in ICT. Esther is also an ICANN Fellow and Organizer of TEDxKiraTown”

Kwizera Alex

TEDxKampala Design Lead

ALEX KWIZERA (Kwiz-Era) is a passionate artist who was not deterred from pursuing his life dream of being an artist. Kwiz is an illustrator, an expressionist in style who is immensely inspired by the human anatomy in relation to body language and facial expressions. His style of painting has for long been described by both admirers and critics as a blend of expressionism and realism. Kwiz’s art stands out in various galleries across Uganda’s capital city Kampala.Kwiz has also worked on several illustration projects with multinational and National organizations including the UNDP, EU, ACFODE, , John Hopkins Health Communication Partnership, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Centenary Bank and CVL Rwanda, a holding company for ISSCO, NPD, EAGI, REAL, BOURBON COFFEE, RULIBA CLAYS, INYANGE and NEXUS among many others.
According to Kwiz, “Everything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Jayant Maru

Creative Director/Lead Coach

Jayant Maru is a film-maker. He was born in Kenya, but lives in Uganda. He has directed films like,The Route[1] ,K3NT & KAT3[2] ,and Sipi (film),Having worked Ugandan Household names like Olympian Stephen Kiprotich Miss Uganda 2014 Leah Kalanguka Actor Patriq Nkakalukanyi”