Prof. Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya

Team Leader TEDxKampala

A veterinarian, academic and academic administrator. He is currently the Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University and will be the Team Leader for the TEDxKampala team.

Organizing Team

Ruganzu Bruno

Organizer TEDxKampala

An eco-artist from Uganda who is committed to transforming space and waste by creating playgrounds. He is the founding curator of TedXKampala, the winner of the the first City 2.0 Award in 2012, 2011 Young Achievers Award, Gold Award winner for Rio+20 Plasticity, among others

Kwizera Alex

TEDxKampala Design Lead

An illustrator and Painter who is immensely inspired by the human anatomy in relation to body language and facial expressions. Kwiz has worked on projects with several organizations including the UNDP, EU, ACFODE, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung,and CVL Rwanda among many others.

Esther Patricia Akello

Co-Organizer TEDxKampala

Esther Patricia Akello is a technologist and Entrepreneur. she is a member of the Internet Society - Uganda, AFCHIX, ICANN Fellow and Organizer of TEDxKiraTown”...

Jayant Maru

Creative Director/Lead Coach

Jayant Maru is a film-maker who has directed films like,The Route[1] ,K3NT & KAT3[2] ,and Sipi (film),Having worked Ugandan Household names like Olympian Stephen Kiprotich Miss Uganda 2014 Leah Kalanguka Actor Patriq Nkakalukanyi”